Saturday, January 10, 2009

Teh C

I had a pre-cycling session using Adam's unit (a bmx). After a disastrous and bore some day, I decided to take a quick exercise. It was 11.35pm, so I packed my wallet, handphone and handsfree, my ciggy and a torchlight into the mini bag Sasha gave for one of my birthdays. I am ill equipped with all the safety gadgets, so with my dark sweatshirt and a black cap, off I started cycling.

I decided to cycle to Teh C just to determine my endurance capability and also to check out the route. The journey from home to the monsoon drain well street lighted, but once I reached the school, it was dark. Had to turn on my torchy (sorry, cat eye x beli lagi) till the main road. Crossing the main road was okay, considering it was a Friday night. My breathing up to the point was good.

Reaching to the Giant's cross road, the journey took a long straight flat road. It was the first test on the bike. To cycle a BMX on a flat road requires good techniques and stamina. I do not possess any. This was where my right tights began to sore. With fatigue began to take its toll, I reached upon the Neon junction. The road ahead was in darkness.

My second test was about to loom. The road is well known for wild street dogs. As I recite Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, I paddled through the road. Thank goodness no dogs was around. I reached Teh C at about midnight. Everyone was looking at me. To hell with others, as long as I am happy with it, I could not care less. Grabbed myself a water, lighted up a ciggy, I rest. Friends were not around to the moment, maybe futsal was still on.

I have decided to rest for only half hour. So, after settling the bill, it was time to go home. The watch clocked 12.39 am. "Good, lets see how long will it take to paddle back" I said to myself.

I took the same path as before. I paddled up to Rio de Futsal, but unlucky me, the road was jammed with DOGS!! Made a U turn to one of the lighted guard house, and I stayed there for a good couple of minutes. "Lu gi ambil jalan lain lah, pusing kiri kat bulatan" the guard suggested. Okay, let me take that road. Haha... the roundabout was throned by a German Sherperd. Suddenly my legs paddled faster than before. Lucky me, it was not bothered to even look at me.

The route began to ease. Did you know that there's a big field situated there? It is equipped with a futsal court as well. The wonders of cycling, scenaries are better appreciated. I had a wonderful trip back. I even smiled to one of the leng lois while she was waiting at the bus stop opposite Summit. She did not respond, pfftt!!

Overall, it was what I wanted. To be able to commute further than walking, to sweat out my anger and boredom, and to feel satisfied with what I have always wanted. My legs has already reached its limit, but my passion for cycling grew stronger. I think I can do this, and I know I want to do it. I reached home at 12.59am.


buih said...

apsal kau tak tunggu kitorg?

at least cam boleh jadi escort car...

bagus2 jauh tu..

Sasha Sharifuddin said...

what bag??

laki aku pun tgh gian berbasikal skang ni.give us a buzz and he'll take you around saujana or ara damansara.or if you're up for it..go to putrajaya.basikal boleh letak kat lori kami tu.nk membeli segala accesory basikal pun dia suka..

tpt kitorg anjing tak banyak...hehehe!

AskAmad said...

buih: aku takut kang balik lambat, lagi bnyk anjing. huhu! lagi pun journey back took 20 minutes, so x nk lengahkan kawan2 dgn teman aku.

Sasha: ada bag radioactive warna hijau ko belikan utk aku!
nanti biler dah ade proper mtb, aku roger hubby ko, bole bg ak tips! ramai org cakap nk cycle ni, kena masuk geng basikal, so at the moment aku xde geng lagi. bolehlah ak joint geng hubby ko.

Sasha Sharifuddin said...

i still dun remember the bag..heheh!but i'm flattered u still have it..:P

takyah geng.laki aku pun bukan fixed geng.just a few of his good friends.dia pun beginner lagi.cycling for fun and it's kinda convenient.anything buzz la..i knw you're contemplating on buying that bike.hahahah!beli la kalau nak..nnt tak tido malam..hahah!

sharkpitt said...

wah...berbasikal!sebenarnya aku dah pelan nak berbasikal jugak tapi sebab senarai hobi yg panjang dan juga $$$ hahahaa....aku terpaksa membuat pilihan.tapu

sharkpitt said...

sori aku tak habih komen...gangguan sms sibuk tanya aku mana nak carik brg outdoor...hehehe...

pongko jgn lupa layari web nih

kalau nak carik kasut terbaik utk cycling seperti jenama 5.10(five-ten) bgtau aku sebb i can get you 25% discount from normal retail sebb ada kawan.

buih said...


kalau kau nak buat gang basikal, boleh tak aku cadangkan nama..

woof2 MTB team. (woof[squared] MTB team)


Kelab BasiKung!Kung!.

AskAmad said...

reject! serigala is so out dated already. nk kena letak nama feline sket.. cam tiger ke, takpon geng ghimauSikal!

shafiksuker said...

aku nak sokong peah la sebab kami berjiran.hahhahaaa