Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Want It

I want it
But I have doubts on my capabilities
To sustain it in a long run
To maintain it through out the journey
To strive on it till the end of time

I know I want it
But my surrounding seems to doubt my hunger
And the discouragement seems will never end
Though I long for it, and I'd work for it
It seems it's best to be put on something worthwhile

I'm sure I want it
So do not discourage me on pursuing my crave
Support whatever I desire to do
Cause if I plunge into unproductiveness
I would not drag you down

I know I want it
And I know I'll be happy
With my decision and sacrifices that'll arise
And I know I'll be smiling
Throughout my journey in pursuing my dreams


buih said...

yela yela ...ko beli la basikal monten tu cepat.,..

AskAmad said...


shafiksuker said...

beskal monten chap ape weih?apalagas...downhill seraun!

AskAmad said...

tengah narrow down between jamis, scott and fuji. semua dalam budget yang tersedia. tinggal nk finalize speccification, offer and good bargain aje

sharkpitt said...

aku sokong scott!hahaha...ko wat online poll la weih!