Monday, January 26, 2009


I have bought the bike mentioned on previous postings. The day I bought it, was also the day I made my first 20km cycle. I could not go into details for my first trip ( it was a test drive session), so let me update you with my second session.

After a quick nap back from Melaka, it's time for me to take my Jamis for a spin. The target, a 10km ride.

Managed to cycle for 10.5km. Had few rounds of cycling in SS 14 and 18. The timing was ok for starters;

A descent 34 seconds. There were flat lands, slopes, and downhill. The average speed managed was pretty bad though;

hehe.. freaking 18.4 km/h. I blame it on the slope. I still need to learn on my rhythm. I like my maximum speed;

I think this was done waktu kena kejar anjing kat belakang rumah zano! Darn, nasib baik anjing tu tak dapat kejar! huhu..

lain kali aku post gambar basikal yang aku beli. Aku lupa nak tangkap gambar :P


buih said...


tu confirm bukan aku kan?

kalau boleh lain kali tangkap ngan gambar anjing tu sekali la..


sharkpitt said...

hahahaa....ada skuad beskal!lenkali amik gamba dgn beskal sekali!

buih said...

hari ni tak gi ngayuh ke?