Saturday, August 30, 2008

Making a Statement

Does it make sense when a rainbow emerged on a hot Sunday afternoon?
Or when the night feels bright when there is no sun around?
And as I pointed each and everyday,
Everything should happened and must happen when it is mattered most.

Should we feel sad when we are surrounded by smiles?
Must we be angry when our birthday is showered with gifts?
Should we feel loved when honesty looms in the darkness?
And must we be grateful when complacent rules our habit?

All we need is to be appreciated,
And let the sense of joy hugged us from inside,
With this sense of gay, and the pride of belongings,
Then only each step we take, will bring us comfort in pursuing eternal love

Monday, August 25, 2008

Not Permanent.. Grab it fast!

I am posting it temporarily, and will be removing it in few days time..

Trip to Kota Bharu

The Twin Terrors that roared the streets of Jabor

Rise and shine..
It is always good waking up in Kuala Terengganu. Maybe to fact that Nasi Dagang was served on the table. Hehe.. I've always fancied the Nasi Dagang that is sold somewhere near Kg. Atas Tol's junction.

I was greeted by Mak Tok (Nunni's granny) and Abah in the morning. I felt good seeing Mak Tok was still in good shape. We chatted for several minutes, catching with each others issues and such. Next, I began to tour the newly renovated house. Everything was really beautiful, from the wooden floor up to the still-under-construction pool outside. Even the Plasma TV was magnificent! It was sad that we could only spend little time there as we needed to pursue our journey to Kota Bharu. At about 11am, we continued our journey.

Snap shot with Mama and Mak Tok

We decided to take up the coastal road to Kota Bharu. Since it was both our first experience driving in the East Coast, we had little clue on our route.

"Takpe, kita ikut aje signboard."

The journey to Kota Bharu was accompanied with many tracks, started with Trilogi Cinta by Saleem. I was quite surprised that both Amir and Yuyu knew this number. Amir further elaborated about the 'drama' behind this song. Oh my, indeed he knew this song very well. After few more numbers, I decided to slot in KRU's (remix) CD, and to my delightment, everyone was at the top of their lungs! Nunni, Amir, Yuyu and myself (of course) were singing each and every songs in that CD. Haha.. it's the power of the 80's babies, as we grew up listening to KRU.

"Aku rasa choice lagu kita lebih kuranglah Amad," said Amir. Oh yeah, and from that moment, we continued to sing every number that was played. At least I had a companion while driving.

Trip to Kota Bharu

Cast for Bereh gu..! Trip

"Shahir kahwin?" I asked Nunni when she brought up the issue.
"Yeah.. It looks like we'll be havin a road trip to Kota Bharu lah!" she replied, and so off we went to Kelantan last weekend.

I tagged along with Nunni's office mates for the trip. The journey was supposed to push start at 8pm Friday evening, but due to unforeseen circumstances (yeah Mirwan and Ella, it was Friday, and the jam was really horrible!) the trip took off at about 10 to 10.

Convoy was between my car and Mirwan's Gen2. Baby (my beloved Myvi) was to lead the road to Kuala Terengganu, and the journey was equipped with walkies (thanks Mirwan). Together, we ripped our tyres across the LPT in blazing speeds, haha.. NOT! It rained through out the highway, so driving was restricted up to a safe speed. Since the trip was delayed, we had to choose between the fastest yet creepier road or the common but longer road.. I chose the former.

It's been awhile since I drove to Kuala Terengganu, so when it came to exiting, I totally confused myself. "Kita nak kena kuar kt Gambang ke kat Kuantan?" I asked myself. Haha.. silly me in not listening to Apek's advice in exiting. I chose the Gambang exit, and when we came to the toll booth, I realized I was wrong. Sorry guys for the detour. After a short ciggy break, we U turned back to the highway and exited at Kuantan. "Felda Jabor.. here I come to pass through" I said to myself, without letting others knew what lies ahead. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim..

"Welcome to Kuantan," echoed in the walkie. I checked upon the two ladies sitting at the back, both were sound asleep. Good.. As I took the the left turn entering Jabor, I remembered my previous encounter on the road. Instinct immediately told me to let both my sun visors down. Amir startled, since we were driving in late hours, but I just kept it to myself. He didn't ask more, maybe sensing I knew better. "Takpe, dah sampai Kuala nanti aku bagitau kau," I told him not wanting him to be anxious. The road was very dark, and the source of light around was only through our headlamps. Amir checked upon Mirwan, and everything was find in his car. We drove pass through palm plantations, with.. Alhamdullilah, no extraordinary things occured. All and all, the road was clear, apart from two routine roadblocks in the process. The journey from K.L. to Kuala Terengganu took us approximately 2.5 hours, and we reached Mama's place at about half past 2.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Quest for A Journey

You ask me directions from one point to another

And I'll lead you to a place full of wonders..