Thursday, January 29, 2009

Journey back home

Journey back home took a lot harder than I expected. Muscles started cramping up within the first few kilometers. I had no choice but to pursue what I've started. Oh yeah, I managed to repair my Velo 8 Odometer at the office. Tak sia sia dapat kerja kat workshop, ada ramai orang boleh tolong repair all these stuffs. Gempak lah!

Distance covered:
Shorter than morning (I think!)

Average speed:
ok I guess

Max. speed:
Going downhill underneath cable bridge

Overall time:
Slower than morning trip (must be the tiredness)

Calorie burned:
I dunno bout this. ok izzit? Maybe I managed to burn my lunch kot;

Heh, wrapping up my post, I post you my Jamis parked in the store;
That's all folks!

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