Friday, February 20, 2009


For anyone looking for a good hatchback with descent pricing, try checking out the Suzuki SX4.

The version available in Malaysia is a crossover 1.6L (similar to Swift Sport) 4-speed transmission. This vehicle comes with 100bhp and a 4X2 that will increase its fuel efficiency.
In order to get a special discount (up to 10k), kindly reply back to my posting. More details will be given out.

more details on Suzuki SX4


buih said...


AskAmad said...

price starts at RM89k

MELanies said...

amad climb!yea yea.

ADLinA said...

your next car ? ;)

buih said...

ko dah tak nak buat blog lagi ke?ke kau dah takde internet?

ke ko simpan table pingpong kat UM?