Thursday, February 19, 2009

Body vs. Mental (The Battle of Morning Soldiers)

I'm at the point of exhaustion,
My body seems to ache persistently,
My legs begin to tire at every radius,
And my blisters beginning to blossoms all over

Yet my mind wants to take it further,
Every day my mileage grows by the number,
And every seconds seems to be faster,
And route I take seems to be easier.

My body is tiring,
But my mind seems to be stronger.

I want to do it,
As I would face the sunrise for it,
And perform my obligation to Him,
Cause without this challenge,
I would have still be blanketed by the covers made from Swine.

I want to do it over and over,
To look upon the tiring faces of commuters stuck in the morning battle,
As that boost up my adrenaline,
To take every rotation further and faster.

My body just cannot recuperate rapidly,
Against my will and against my mind.

May His blessings and guardians will protect me
During my raid at the Battle of Morning Soldiers.

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