Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Hang Out Place

A new Shopping mall has arrived, situated in AU2 Keramat.

Situated opposite of the Sports Complex, the landscape was breathtaking for a very confine space. As shown on above, it is ideally built for communities to enjoy their evenings with a surrounding-ala-park.

The complex is built with an L shape design, and the building is divided by air cond and open air sections. The majority air conditioned area is covered by its anchor tenant, JUSCO. One can be fooled by JUSCO's layout, as it is not as cliche as other JUSCO outlets, but it is similar to Carrefour. JUSCO outlet covers the top and ground levels, and at the heart of the building.

The two pictures on the right represents the open air section. No matter how it was designed, I personally felt that the humid environment will loom over customers, hence looking for air cond. I have yet to figure out why the engineers decided to design the building this way. And to make it more senseless in having an open air building, the whole area is governed as a non-smoking zone. Too bad, as at least you'll have a large chunk of hubbies or bfs that will wait their partners, while puffing out here

Well, here's the best part. We've decided to snap as much as possible the abundant of foods and delicacies served here. At least, now I wouldn't have to think hard on where to eat, "Jom kita gi makan kat belakang rumah aje.."

So, let's go to AU2 JUSCO, let's makan makan


Sasha Sharifuddin said...

"our burgers are square because we do not cut corners"

ape ni amad...sendiri cari pasal la!

ni dekat rumah lama aku kan!kan!kan!

AskAmad said...

haha..sendiri cari pasal nyer! yeah..dekat umah lama ko tu..!