Monday, August 3, 2009

Wisdom of the Day

"It's like the classic story of the young boy who travelled far from from his home to study under a great teacher. When he met the wise old man, his first question was,

'How long will it take me before I am as wise as you?'

"The response came swiftly, 'Five years.'

" ' This is a very long time,' the boy replied. 'How about if I work twice as hard?'

" ' Then it'll take ten,' said the master.

" 'Ten! That's far too long. How about if I studied all day and well into the night, every night?'

" ' Fifteen years,' said the sage.

" ' I don't understand,' replied the boy. 'Every time I promise to devote my energy to my goal, you tell me it will take longer. Why?'

" ' The answer is simple. With one eye fixed on the destination, there is only one left to guide you along the journey.' "

- The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari page 63 -

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