Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Tipping Point

Ramadhan is the time where I'll read up books during my free time. For this year, the first book that I read is The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.

It was not my intention to read up this book on the first place. Piles of other interesting reading materials was listed in my head. My sister had the fortunate to stumble upon a man in one of the popular bookstores that literally gorged up all the books available on the shelf. So without hesitation, she bought a copy of the book and gave it to me.

The Tipping Point started of with the story of how Hush Puppies suddenly cameback into our fashion scene in late 1994. The brand had been all but dead until that point. With just sheer luck, it managed to turn its business and past its tipping point to breakthrough again.

The book tells us on how little changes can actually have a significant changes in the future. It is the art of tackling these changes that can make or break the decisions that we will be venturing. Here, we will learn on the importance of 3 types of people that will help us in making an epidemic to happen. You will also learn the characteristics of these people, the Connectors, the Mavern and the Sales Person. Little that we know, all of us falls under either one of it. The Tipping Point will guide us in becoming a better representative in each group.

Stickiness Factor is the next topic in the list. This topic will elaborate on how epidemics can sustain through out its period. Examples regarding on how Sesame Street and Blues Clues managed to uphold their positions on TV was really an eye opener. It was an interesting chapter to hold, and little that I know, I spent an entire night reading it up without dozing off. No spoilers can be given out, but what I can say is, both Sesame Street and Blues Clues are rocket sciences! And we thought it is kids stuff!

The Power of context tells us the importants of understanding issues in tackling problems or opportunities. The story on how Bernie Goetz altered the New York Crime rate was amazing. The power of the number 150 is a must read to all Project Managers/Directors.

In conclusion, The Tipping Point is a must read book for all. It will make us realise how little changes in our approach to life and surroundings can actually alter the course ahead. I would also recommend this book to as a starter readers who wants to take up motivation genre.For readers who loved Freakonomics, grab this book and we could debate on the issue of Fall of New York City crime rate.

Enjoy your reading :)

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